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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

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by Barney Ashton-Bullock

music by Christopher Frost

directed by Predrag Pajdic

starring Andy Bell


5- 16 August 2014

Assembly Studio One, George Square - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Erasure’s Andy Bell is ‘Torsten The Bareback Saint’. Andy sings in character as an age-defying polysexual in an all new solo album that is the soundtrack to the theatre show of the same name. A theatre show that headlined the Assembly - Venue One, George Square at the 2014 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and which, even before opening, was named in The Times newspaper as being in their Times 2 'Top Ten Pick Of The Fringe'.

Show Reviews

"Bell's voice is exquisite ... He is accompanied by versatile musician Christopher Frost onstage, ranging across musical genres from torch ballads, via jazz, to the kind of electro-pop which made Bell's name."  ****

(Loran Irvine - The List, August 2014)



"Once in a while at the Edinburgh Fringe you stumble across an interesting and adventurous piece of theatre, a so-called diamond in the rough, proving the point of the festical and displaying plenty of creative, sparkling life in the industry wilderness ... As an intorudcitons to Torsten ... this is a very firm, gripping and dominant beginning."

(Stuart Saint, August 2014) ****



"The songs themselves are catchy, cabaret-style tunes tunes covering a variety of musical genres from elcetro-pop to jazz to dance to ballads and some others I just can't place but they stil haunt me." ****

(Lauren Stonebanks - SGfringe, August 2014)

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