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The Other Palace (formerly St. James Theatre)

The 2014 'Torsten The Bareback Saint' Edinburgh Fringe Festival show was previewed for 2 nights at The Other Palace (formerly St. James Theatre) in Westminster. The second night was billed as an "Erasure Fans Preview" to thank the Erasure fans for their support with the nascent Torsten project.  Photos can be seen on the right.

The Society Club, Soho

The Society Club in Soho was a hugely supportive venue where Team Torsten trialled poetry and song in fornt of select gatherings until it was forced to close in 2018. We will always be grateful for their help and support in getting Torsten off of the ground.


Photos from these events can be seen on the right.

Book launch

The Society Club exclusively launched poetry book 'Schema / Stasis - The Torsten Verse Diaries' by Barney Ashton-Bullock, which includes an introduction by Andy Bell who was also present on the night. During the event Barney and Andy read excerpts from the book and sung songs from the Torsten songbook accompanied by Christopher Frost on piano. The event was also attended by musician and producer Vince Clarke, the other half of the Erasure duo, showing support for the event and fellow his band member, Andy.


Photos can be seen below.

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