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Cuban Grooving is a piece for standard saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone).


As its title suggests there is a strong latin feel to the work - intricate yet at the same time pleasurable. Because of the occasional complex rhythmical patterns it might be best suited to a more proficient intermediate or advanced group.


The piece is ideal for a light interlude to give contrasting style in a concert as well as being fun to play and listen to.

Cuban Grooving

The Trainee Bullfighter

Wait For Nod

A fun piece for saxophone quartet (SATB) and sextet (SAATTB) with a Spanish feel, as can be expected from the title. Starting confidently there follows a central, more reflective section, which accelerates to a final eight bars marked bravura - after some self doubt the bullfighter confidently goes forth. This piece would make an excellent light work in a concert of saxophone ensemble music.

Written in the style of George Gershwin. The title is a reference to the famous line Gershwin wrote in his original score for Rhapsody in Blue, indicating to the conductor where he should bring the orchestra back in after his improved solo. It is believed that this marking terrified the conductor.


An alternative Alto Saxophone part, substituting the Soprano Saxophone part, is included in the publication.

The Trainee Bullfighter sextet
The Trainee Bullfighter quartet
Cuban Grooving
Wait For Nod
Sweet Saxteen

Sweet Saxteen

Sweet Saxteen is a collection of 16 pieces composed for alto saxophone with piano accompaniment that range from easy to medium in difficulty. These fun pieces cover a variety of styles providing performers with something different to experience and from which to learn.


The tunes can be enjoyed by learners of all ages and can provide the first steps into more complex musical ideas and styles in an un-daunting manner. These include triplets, swing, modes and styles of music that are not often explored until later development on the instrument

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Saxophone Sextet

A rehearsal for The Trainee Bullfighter

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