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Pra Caramba!


Pra Caramba! is a samba written for Concert Wind Band. "Pra caramba" is a Portuguese/Brazilian informal phrase used at the end of a sentence to add extreme emphasis to its meaning; it is a nonesense phrase is isolation.

Example: Brasília é quente pra caramba! = Brasília is damn hot!

This energetic, carnival style piece works best with full percussion although there is an optional cut for when numbers are low. Wind Band Grade 4-5 .

Full PDF download for printing:

Title Page; Score - 16 pages; Parts - 3 pages for most; Ganza, Tamborin, Agogo & Drums - 4 pages; Horns - 2 pages; Whistle - 1 page

Bespoke PDF orders available:

Parts - £1.70 per part; Score only - £10