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Christopher Frost

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Saxophone Octets

The Trainee Bullfighter 8tet_0001.png
The Trainee Bullfighter 8tet_0002.png
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A fun piece for saxophone octet (SSAATTBB) with a Spanish feel, as can be expected from the title. Starting confidently there follws a central, more reflective section, which accelerates to a final eight bars marked bravura - after some self doubt the bullfighter confidently goes forth. This piece woyld make an excellent light work in a concert of saxophone ensemble music.

Cuban Grooving 8tet_0001.png
Cuban Grooving 8tet_0002.png

Cuban Grooving    £20


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Cuban Grooving is a piece for standard saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone).
As its title suggests there is a strong latin feel to the work - intricate yet at the same time pleasurable. Because of the occasional complex rhythmical patterns it might be best suited to a more proficient intermediate or advanced group.
The piece is ideal for a light interlude to give contrasting style in a concert as well as being fun to play and listen to.

Runaway Steam Train Boogie (octet)_0001.png
Runaway Steam Train Boogie (octet)_0002.png

Runaway Steam Train Boogie    £20  

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Runaway Steam Train Boogie is a fun programmatic saxophone quartet (SATB) illustrating a steam train on its runaway journey. Air blown through the instrument whilst moving the fingers depicts the release of steam at the start of the train's journey soon followed by the whistle portrayed through lip scoops. The melody line is shared between soprano and alto saxophones with the tenor and baritone saxophones characterising the train engine with the opening section outlining a 12-bar blues sequence. The tenor saxophone takes up the mantle carrying the tune through a later minor section. The train gathers pace throughout the piece arriving at 220BPM in a final section flourish. Tempo markings can be adjusted to suit the ensemble. Dare you go any faster?

Charleston (Octet)_0001.png
Charleston (Octet)_0001 (2).png

Charleston    £20

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Charleston is an arrangement of the Cecil Mack & Jimmy Johnson 1923 classic for saxophone octet (SSAATTBB); popular on any occasion. logo

The Trainee Bullfighter    £20


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