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Charleston is an arrangement of the Cecil Mack & Jimmy Johnson 1923 classic for 17-piece Big Band. There are 2 alternative combinations for the reed parts:
Charleston (Big Band)
Cheers, Bill! is a medium-slow straight feel instrumental for 17-piece Big Band. It is a trombone feature dedicated to the revered trombonist, composer and arranger and band leader, Bill Geldard.
Cheers, Bill!
Nun With A Gun is a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, heist-sounding instrumental for 17-piece Big Band that is sure to raise a smile and get the audience to their feet.
Nun With A Gun
The Inner Workings of Tina's Mind is a samba for 17-piece big band. It is highly rhythmic and energetic with constant shifting harmonic ideas between instrumental sections.
The Inner Workings of Tina's Mind
Moonlight Encounter is a sultry rumba for 17-piece big band featuring a trumpet soloist throughout. The trumpet soloist makes use of the Harmon mute with the other trumpets on cup mutes and trombones on bucket mutes.
Moonlight Encounter
Wife Approaching is a tango for 17-piece Big Band. This tongue-in-cheek tango portrays a tempestuous relationship between husband and wife. Warning sirens punctuate the piece with the husband continually worried as his wife approaches. The music shifts from minor to major half way through giving the husband hope before being brutally undercut by an ominous sounding trombone section and lower end. There are 3 main sections with the usual tango tropes that makes the piece fun to play and listen and dance to.
Wife Approaching
Holiday Escapade is a beguine for 17-piece Big Band. A gentle beguine groove propels a simple, laid-back melody creating a feel good vibe of carefree summer adventures. The melody is repeated across all sections of the band underpinned by reharmonisation and counterpoint.
Holiday Escapade