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Concert Wind Band

Pra Caramba! is a samba written for Concert Wind Band. "Pra caramba" is a Portuguese/Brazilian informal phrase used at the end of a sentence to add extreme emphasis to its meaning; it is a nonesense phrase is isolation.


Example: Brasília é quente pra caramba! = Brasília is damn hot!


This energetic, carnival style piece works best with full percussion although there is an optional cut for when numbers are low. Wind Band Grade 4-5 .

Pra Caramba!    £50

Debussy's classic piano piece Clair de Lune reimagined and reharmonised like you have never heard before in an upbeat swing arrangement for concert wind band. Great fun for the band to play and certain to get audiences' feet tapping encouraging a return visit for your next concert. Wind Band Grade 4-5.

Clair de Lune    £50 

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