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Torsten The Bareback Saint

Track Listing

In an amazing and surprising career move and, in his own words, “the biggest challenge of my career so far”, Erasure’s Andy Bell is ‘Torsten The Bareback Saint’. Andy sings in character as an age-defying polysexual in an all new solo album that is the soundtrack to the theatre show of the same name.


“Torsten The Bareback Saint” is a highly theatrical and moving song-cycle of lyrical postcards from the hotspots of an outsider’s memory; memories from a life lived as a semi-immortal, learned sensualist. Andy Bell as ‘Torsten’ sings deeply affecting expositional songs that incrementally illuminate his extraordinarily mysterious life as a man disconcerted by his own bizarre experience of the nature of passing time.


Torsten is an ‘everyman’ for our times; a prophet of longing, loss and love ever after.


The CD is housed in a deluxe 36 page hardback book containing the full libretto and production photographs.


Torsten The Bareback Saint can be bought from Cherry Red, iTunes and Amazon.


The Radio Remixes Limited Edition 7” Vinyl Single of the songs "I Don't Like" and "Fountain of Youth" can only be bought from Cherry Red.



Album Reviews

"This album ... is possibly Bell's finest vocal outing. Strong and well-tuned, his voice is nothing short of superb and the songs ... are perfect for him. Where Torsten excels and succeeds is in his ability for each track to be heard individually and to still sound relevant ... Torsten The Bareback Saint is as ground-breaking as it is entertaining and a remarkable piece of work."

(Paul Scott-Bates, August 2014)


"Musically, there are surprises around every corner, as the album swerves from vaudeville to opera, torchsong to synthpop. It's like the aural equivalent of popping candy, with Bell adapting admirably to each change of style."

(Paul Dimery, August 2014)


"Without doubt Bell is souinding as good as ever - revelling in songs that push his range and style, as on the superb Fountain of Youth."

(David Spencer, August 2014)


"Call it Theatre, call it Cabaret or just call it what you want because there is something in there for everyone ..."

(Chris Snoddon - xsnoize, July 2014)

1. Freshly

2. Teacher Teacher!

3. Free

4. Star For Life

5. Bingo Hall Baby

6. Fountain Of Youth

7. World Without End

8. V For….

9. I Don't Like

10. Mobile

11. The Boy From The Sauna

12. Weston-Super-Mare

13. (We Waited For) The Circus

14. Good Things

15. People Come, People Go

16. Don't Call Me Up

17. Tell Me The Story Of Your Poverty

18. This Gay Thing Isn't Working

19. Aflame

20. Mr. Average

21. Is It Not Enough?

22. As I Prepare To Take My Life

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